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TITLE: Incompatibility with PithHelmet


PithHelmet tries to intercept and interpret Sogudi shortcuts.


Starting with version 0.4.4, Sogudi and PithHelmet work together. Previous versions of Sogudi might not.

STATUS: CLOSED 21-Oct-2004




I'm having a problem between Sogudi and PithHelmet. PithHelmet filters out content such as ads and counters, which makes the web so much calmer. But when it sees the address "vt Sogudi" or whatever, it tries to interpret it and ends up unhappy. When I temporarily turn off PithHelmet this all works. Anybody have any clues as to a workaround? PithHelmet is opens source, so I could do some investigation with a pointer or two.

Sogudi is very valuable to me (which is why I've donated -- have you? ;-), and so is PithHelmet, so I'd love to have them work together.

Ken Arnold



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