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TITLE: Sogudi converts plus signs.


See below.


Fixed in Sogudi version 0.4.6





I have one problem to report (although it rarely bothers me anyways): Sogudi doesn't deal with '+' (and probably other characters) well, at least in Google searches. For example, I can enter '+the +and +or' into Google itself, and receive this URL: . However, when I attempt the same with a Sogudi/Google search, I receive this incorrect URL:

Anyways, thanks for a very handy, time-saving product! -- Ron D, Nov 5 2004

I've bound g shortcut to Google! search and when I look for something relating to C++, for example

"g c++ runtime_error"

Sogudi doesn't URL encode the plus signs to %2B:s, which results to pluses being converted to spaces in the destination URL. I think this applies to other non-alpha characters too.. -- Samuli G, 25-Dec-2004



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