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TITLE: Incompatibility with Expose & 10.3.6


Sogudi seems to interfere with Expose with the new X.3.6 update: selecting any Safari window from Expose does not bring the application to the front, or put focus in the window. The window does come to the front, though.


I can't confirm this. I've installed, on a clean system, OS X 10.3.6, Safari 1.2.4 (v125.11), and Sogudi 0.4.5. Safari, Sogudi, and Expose all work as expected for me. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? -- Kitzel Hoover, 8-Nov-2004

I've heard no more about this. I'm closing this issue. -- Kitzel Hoover, 12-Jan-2005

STATUS: CLOSED 11-Jan-2005






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