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TITLE: "man:" seems strange to me


"man:" is not like a standard sogudi keyword. The problem I have with this is that I can not use the man: keyword from within the sogudi quicksilver plugin. If man would be just a standard sogudi keyword it should work. Why is it handled different anyway? It does not make sense to the user and seems to be for internal reasons only.

However, this could also be a problem with the quicksilver sogudi plugin, in that case I apologize.


"man:" is not meant to be a Sogudi keyword. It is a protocol, just like "http:" or "ftp:", that is used in dozens of browsers and OS's. It just doesn't happen to work on Mac OS X or Safari without a plugin like Sogudi.


To make "man:" into a Sogudi keyword, create a new shortcut, named "man" that uses the following for its destination url: "man:@@@". Then you can use "man grep" (without the colon), just like you would any other shortcut.



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