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TITLE: Long Time Loyal User Desperately Seeking Sogudi for Safari 4.x


Safari 4.x doesn't work with Sogudi. Safari is useless without the brilliance of Kitzel's Sogudi. The code is lost. My life is ruined. How will I ever continue...

Seriously though, what would it take for you, Kitzel, to recreate Sogudi for Safari 4.x (PPC and Intel)? We all desperately need Sogudi. It is worth $50 to me. Surely other users would donate something too. If you're in our area I'll even through in some delicious pastured pork. Begging on my knees...

Walter in Vermont

Wait. There may be a super hero on the horizon. Streaking towards us: I'll give it a try. They claim it is backward compatible with Sogudi. Maybe my life is worth living again... :)


Drink less coffee. Seriously.






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