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WikiWikiWeb is the name of a Hypertext system implemented as an application on top of the World Wide Web, which tries to make it fast, easy, and simple to contribute to existing content.

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Other WikiWikiWebs

The following are some other Wiki's that exist. I have not been to them all and cannot vouch for their quality nor can I say which is appropriate for which audience. So please use your own judgement. I have filled in a comment where I could.

WardsWikiThe very first wiki, created by Ward Cunningham. Definitely worth a visit. I could spend days browsing there ... come to think of it, I have.
WikiPediaNeato way to look things up. Pretty extensive as far as I can tell.
ErfurtWikiSoftware which implements a Wiki application in PHP.
PhpWikiAnother Wiki application written in PHP.
The following are not wikis, but they can be used to put search links into pages:
GoogleGoogle:Rocket Science
The above names can be used in InterWikiLinks


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