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Measure Twice, Cut Once

This old carpenter's saying applies equally well to wine making. Write down your ingredients and the amount of each you put into the mixture, even if you are following a recipe. This is doubly important if you are adjusting amounts to make a different sized batch than the recipe calls for. Later, you will find yourself wondering if you added the right amount of something and it's VERY useful to have a place to look.

Have Patience

Don't get excited or impatient with any portion of the wine making process. During primary fermentation, you may need to do something daily. After that, activities should be measured out in weeks and months, not days. Force yourself to not look at or touch the wine except on the weekends or only twice a month (like the second and fourth Thursday).

Don't Try to do Everything at Once

Trying to measure specific gravity and temperature, taste, take notes, repeatedly sanitize equipment, etc. for five batches of wine all at the same time can be too much. There's too much of a risk of cross contamination and you could ruin all five batches at the same time. Instead, take the idea mentioned above about tasking on the weekends. Do your tasks on only one or two batches of wine at a time, then leave it all alone until the next weekend, when you'll switch to a different batch or two. This will help to prevent errors or cross contamination and help you to pace yourself.



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