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Trouble with Flash Pictures in Body Glove Fringe Case for iPhone4

After hearing about and experiencing the problem with the iPhone4 antenna (link), I went to a local AT&T store and purchased the only case they had available, the Body Glove Fringe Case (clear plastic shell with ergonomic grips, scratch-resistant coating).

The next day, I was taking some photographs in low light settings, using the built in flash, and kept getting a nasty flare in all the pics. I then removed the case and voila, no more flare.

Case AttachedNo Case

I emailed customer service ( and received the following response:

     Thank you for your email we are aware of the problem and will make arrangements to send
     you a warranty replacement case when they are available.   Please provide me your address
     information so your order can be processed as soon as the redesigned case is ready.

     Ellen Kintop
     Fellowes/Body Glove
     250 Dodge Ave.
     East Haven, CT 06512

So, I thought I'd let others know, in case you are experiencing the same problem.

-- KitzKikz

Update October 2010

I received the replacement case along with an apology note. It looks as if all they did was enlarge the opening around the camera lens and flash. I haven't tried it out yet, because in the meantime I obtained a different case from Apple that I like better anyway. -- KitzKikz


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