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  • Magician: Apprentice
  • Magician: Master
  • Silverthorn
  • A Darkness at Sethanon
  • Prince of the Blood
  • The King's Buccaneer
  • Shadow of a Dark Queen
  • Rise of a Merchant Prince
  • Rage of a Demon King
  • Shards of a Broken Crown

Riftwar Legacy

  • Krondor: The Assassins
  • Krondor: The Betrayal

Krondor, Tear of the Gods (2000)
by Raymond E. Feist

  • Daughter of the Empire
  • Servant of the Empire
  • Mistress of the Empire

Conclave of Shadows

Talon of the Silver Hawk (2003)
by Raymond E. Feist

  • King of Foxes

Exile's Return (2005)
by Raymond E. Feist

The Dark War Saga

  1. Flight of the Night Hawks by Raymond E. Feist
  2. Into a Dark Realm (2007) by Raymond E. Feist
  3. Wrath of a Mad God

Legends of the Riftwar

  1. Honored Enemy (2001) by Raymond E. Feist & William R. Forstchen


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