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This page is in no particular order. It is growing as I find the various books on my shelves or packed away in boxes. For a chronological list of the Star Wars books, see the Star Wars Timeline.

Outbound Flight (Star Wars)  
by Timothy Zahn

I've always felt that Zahn was the best of all the Star Wars Universe authors and his latest addition is no exception. This book nicely wraps up how Outbound Flight got started, and ended, where Thrawn came from and how he's starting to chafe at the Chiss attitude, and, more interestingly, how Thrawn and Darth Sideous first meet. He also manages to intersect Obiwan, Annakin, Nemoidians, and the original Jorus C'baoth into the story. I think it's a masterful way of tying his books, which were written long before the final three movies came out and were set after the final movie, with the more recent stories. I especially like seeing how Master C'baoth's attitude changes throughout the book. It explains how his clone, in Zahn's first Star Wars Trilogy, turned out the way he did. However, we don't see exactly how Thrawn get's drawn into the service of the Emperor or how Thrawn became the military genius that he is. Perhaps those are subjects for another book or two. -- KitzKikz

Dark Nest Trilogy  

The Joiner King (Dark Nest I)
by Troy Denning

The Unseen Queen (Dark Nest II)
by Troy Denning

The Swarm War (Dark Nest III)
by Troy Denning

by Matthew Stover

The jungle planet of Haruun Kal, the homeworld Mace barely remembers, has become a battleground for the Republic and the renegade Separatist movement. The Jedi Council has sent Depa Billaba -- Mace's former Padawan -- to the planet to train the local tribesmen as a guerrilla resistance force to fight against the Separatists. But Depa has vanished.

Mace Windu trained her. Only he can find her...and he will learn the terrible price that must be paid when keepers of the peace are forced to make war.

The New Jedi Order

Star by Star  
by Troy Denning

by Matthew Stover

The Final Prophecy  
by Greg Keyes

Dark Journey  
by Elaine Cunningham

Rebel Dream (Enemy Lines I)  
by Aaron Allston

Rebel Stand (Enemy Lines II)  
by Aaron Allston

Remnant (Force Heretic I)  
by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

Reunion (Force Heretic III)  
by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

Cloak of Deception  
by James Luceno


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