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About the Person

My name is Kitzel, I can kick, thus KitzKikz.

About the Company

What company?

Why use a Wiki

I am using a WikiWikiWeb to manage this site for several reasons:
  1. I don't have time to use a complex web content management system.
  2. A wiki is easily and quickly editable. After all, content is what is important.
  3. Since anyone can contribute, people won't have to wait on the webmaster to update the site.
  4. Hopefully, with the help of the community, this site will become robust and something useful to people other than myself.
  5. I can ask my friends to help edit the content. I'm not the greatest writer in the world, by far.

About the KitzKikz Wiki

This site runs on a slightly modified installation of ErfurtWiki.
I chose ErfurtWiki for several reasons:
  1. Written in PHP - I like PHP.
  2. Does not require mySQL backend - I have nothing against mySQL, but for this situation, I prefer a flat file system.
  3. Fully contained in one script file.
  4. Easily embedded into a web page - I don't have to deal with dozens of themes, templates, & configs.
  5. Innovative plug-in capability - For the few bells & whistles I want without having to wade through dozens of files to eliminate the ones I don't.
  6. All hardcoded text is in one place - Changing it didn't require sifting through pages and pages of code.
  7. Modifications I made:
    1. Removed the German text.
    2. Removed the binary and image uploading functions.
    3. Added my own admin interface.
    4. Added packed files, all versions of a page are in one compressed file.
    5. Moved hit counters to a single separate file.
    6. Added the page history trail (bread crumbs) seen above, just below the heading.
    7. Added page break (multi-column) and calendar tags.

Contacting Me

Leave your question or concern on the specific "issues" page. Such as SogudiIssues, etc. If it's is more generic than that, just edit this page and add your comment below. Remember to include your email address so I can respond directly.



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