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LibraryThing app for iPhone, Droid, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The LibraryThing Mobile App didn't display well on my iPhone. So I wrote one.

LibraryThing Viewer
Version 1.6
Short URL


  • Browse books by Author, Title, Subjects, Review, & Tags
  • Search through all your book data
  • Downloads your LibraryThing book list to your phone
  • Can operate without an internet connection (after a successful download)


This is an HTML5 Web App. You don't go to Apple's app store to download it.
Simply click on one of the links above and you can immediately use it.
You can then bookmark it or save it to your iPhone home screen as a web clip.


Home Screen
Book Detail

Contact Info


Change Log

Version 1.6, 12-Sep-2013
LibraryThing changed their login process, changed pLT to use new process, no version change.
Version 1.6, 25-Nov-2012
Another change to LibraryThing's csv file format, added categories, some improvements to the UI from iOS5.
Version 1.5, 24-Apr-2011
Remembers user name between launches
Version 1.4, 16-Nov-2010
Fixed to work with LibraryThing's changed csv file format
Version 1.3, 28-May-2010
Improved performance when downloading lists containing thousands of entries
Version 1.2, 20-May-2010
Handle reviews containing carriage returns, empty tag sets.
Version 1.1, 07-Apr-2010
Bug fix, handle book entries that have no author



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