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NEW: A version is available for Safari 3 or Leopard users, see SogudiBeta. It's not ready for prime time, but if you are in a hurry...

I've been using Sogudi for a few years. After getting my black MacBook repaired and reinstalled the OS (10.5.6), Sogudi no longer works. I'm using 0.47b. My permissions are correct but no joy. This was an essential app for me. I hope there is an update soon so I can start using it again. --20081231 sp

I couldn't get Sogudi to work on my new MBP (unibody), not even the latest beta - I tried everything. It wasn't until I installed Safari AdBlock that the Sogudi item appeared in the Safari menu and started working perfectly. Does AdBlock enable something that Sogudi needs? Is it just me? Perhaps something for others to try if they are having difficulties.

Kick-ass product =)

Thanks for Sogudi. I'm liking it so far, but it seems to break contextual menu search (when you right-click or control-click a word on a web page and select 'Search in Google'). I really miss that.

I'm running the 0.47 beta on both Intel and PPC machines running 10.4.11 and Safari 3.1.2

Thank you for an excellent plugin! Are there any plans to include .Mac syncing? Otherwise, which file do I need to backup in case of a crash?

Thanks again, you rock!

I cannot get Sogudi to load on my G4 with OSX 10.4.9. Everytime I try to download it, I get an error message that the files is damaged and may damage my system. Anybody know what's going on? Solution? -- Paul, Maine, USA, 9 a.m. edt, 4.29.07

Paul, all I can tell you is that I just verified that the download files are not corrupted. I also downloaded the proper one to a G4 OSX 10.4.9 and successfully installed. -- KitzKikz, 12 p.m. cdt, 4.29.07

I love your app, but I often miss a feature:

There should be a history of search terms. So when I enter "wiki ", it should show my previous searches just like when typing a real address or a search term in the "Google"-Field.

I don't know, whether you can realise this by analysing the history for addresses that fit the pattern or by keeping a new history, but this would be really great. Thanks - Ruben (04/30/07)

Thanks for the Intel update - I missed Sogudi when I moved from my PPC Mac to my Intel one and for a while even resorted to running Safari under Rosetta to continue using it!


cashew (Nov 18 2006), UK

I used to use AcidSearch a lot but it turned out to be a rather buggy experience, so I'm happy to have found something that does the same things. I only have two questions: Some search pages have more than one changing value for each search URL. As an example, I use the site (in swedish) to find phone numbers and adresses. Unfortunately, it requires me to enter name or phone number in one field, and location in another. Searching for just one at a time usually generates poor results. Is there any way to make this work? (EDIT: nevermind, figured it out! cool!) Another question is, now that Sogudi has rendered the standard google search field useless, how do i get rid of it? It seems to be "glued" to the adress field... EDIT: One more question, using Sogudi with foreign characters (like swedish å, ä, ö) seems very problematic! Any way around this? -- T (aug 5th 06)

Great update, especially for 'man' -- Leo 6-Jun-2006 (Leo's Blog Entry on Sogudi)

This utility is a *must* in Safari. -- Mitch L (05/25/2006)

So far so Great! I would however suggest the ability to change the default shortcut for the Sogudi preferences. Normally I use Shift-Cmd-, as a global shortcut to System Preferences, and the Sogudi shortcut bypasses that which can get a bit irritating. Otherwise well done! -- Adam S., 09-May-2006

Feedback about Wikipedia have been moved to SogudiIssues_20060220. -- KitzKikz

Would you list the text of the default shortcuts somewhere (maybe in a section of the user-submitted shortcuts page)? I need to restore my Wikipedia shortcut to the default version, but I don't want to delete the preferences and wipe out my other customized ones. Thanks. ?Michael Z. 2006-05-05.

This is a really great tool... it really increases my productivity (or procrastination efficiency at the least). Where can I download the source? I'd like to hunt down and fix a bug I've been encountering. -- Fommil, 20-Apr-2006

Simple, elegant, well done, indispensible. Look for some $$$ in your Paypal. -- mark a. foltz, spuddybuddy at, 05-Oct-2005

I am completely unable to use Safari without Sogudi, I carry the latest DMG around with me everywhere on my Jumpdrive and have installed it on all of my friends computers! Great tool!-- Devon Stewart, 19-July-2005

Wonderful program! Thank you! -- Klaus Fechner, 22-Oct-2004

LOVE this program. It's become habitual and now essential after a few months. The only useful command line-type interface I've ever tried. Please keep up this superb creative work :)--- Bryan Withay 22-Aug-2004

Superb app, thank you very much ! -- Micha Schellingerhout, 19-Dec-2003

Sogudi is great! Thanks for the awesome app. -- Joshua Bessom, 07-Nov-2003

Wow, it only happens occasionally that one encounters such useful programs! Thanks a lot for Sogudi, it really has become one of the most used utilities on my Mac. -- Hedderik van Rijn, 13-Nov-2003

Just tried Sogudi with the Greek and Latin dictionaries of the Perseus Project at Tufts. Works like a charm. Thanks. -- Dr. James Comas, Department of English, University of Missouri-Columbia, 10-Nov-2003

Wow, thanks so much for Sogudi...What a helpful needed program... -- Brett Zamir, 12-Nov-2003

I just wanted to say thanks for Sogudi. I've been using Camino for months now, but I've wanted to switch to Safari. However, without my beloved URL shortcuts, it was never going to happen. So, thank you, you've made Safari viable. -- Paul Kafasis, CEO, Rogue Amoeba Software,, 14-Nov-2003

I like your safari add on, this is a great feature in omniweb and I'm glad to have it in Safari. -- Daniel Stark, 04-Nov-2003

Thanks for sogudi! Just what I wanted. I've been missing this functionality since switching from Mozilla. -- Bob Page, 08-Nov-2003

Thanks for sogudi! It's fantastic!! Here's a little trick I learned. If you want to use Sogudi for a shortcut without a search string - you can do so by adding the @@@ to the end of the string, then entering your Sogudi shortcut name followed by one space into the location field in Safari. For example - say I want to create a shortcut to my local weather forecast at NOAA. Sure I could create a Sogudi seach string and enter my zip code or city name each time - but since the string stays the same I just capture the full string with my zip code already embedded. Which means now I am without a need for a search term in my Sogudi string. This seems to pose problems for Sogudi - for one thing Safari will attempt to locate the string you enter before using Sogudi. Lets say this is the string that takes me direct to my weather forcast:

Here's what works for me in Sogudi:


and when I go to use it in Safari I just enter "noaa" and a single space char and that takes me to the correct page.

bluehz, 01-Dec-2003

thanks so much for this! love the program, great functionality, but it is a little strange seeing safari addresses all being logged in console. is this just part of development? -- talon, 07-Dec-2003
-- Oops! That is left over from development. I must have missed a debug statement or two. It should be fixed in the next release. -- Kitzel Hoover
-- This has been fixed in version 0.4.4. -- KitzKikz

Excellent app, but could you move the prefs to the Safari Preferences window? If you need the code to do it, contact the author of Pith Helmet. Thanks! -- Brian Hawthorne, 21 Jan 2004

-- This has been done in version 0.5, due to be released soon. -- Kitzel Hoover
-- So where is version 0.5, you may ask? See SogudiVersion050

Most creative people in this world toil away at their projects without real hope of financial compensation. Information is intangible and free and so is Sogudi, which is as it should be. Such an awesome, indispensable, graceful product, it brings tears to my eyes. Kudos! -- Sim 11-Mar-2004

Cool! This was may favourite 'secret' feature of IE on Windows before I switched. It's great to have it back in Safari. It's so neatly integrated too. Thanks! -- Howie 21-Mar-2004

Excellent piece of software. I was wondering when the sugodi: link identifier comes out, that would be an excellent addition. Keep up the good work! -- "Owen van Dijk, 11 April 2004"

Although this may only be tangentially related to your excellent software, I was wondering whether a future version might be able to add contextual menu items for searching highlighted text from within any program, giving an option of which Sogudi programmable shortcut to use to do so. Thanks again!! I use your software every day... -- Brett Zamir, 8 June 2004

I have no such plans at this time, but never say never... -- KitzKikz

Thanks a lot for Sogudi. I can't live without it! -- Fred B., 07-Oct-2004 (the rest of Fred's comments were moved to SogudiFAQ).

Thanks for adding default shortcut back!! -- Fred B.

Sogudi is one of those pieces of software that your brain gets used to. Then when you work on a computer (or another browser) that doesn't have it, you wonder how you lived so long without it. Keep up the good work! (And please consider making Sogudi work in OmniWeb!) -- Dean Blackketter, 23-Oct-2004

Sogudi is an incredible and indispensable addition to my computer. Excellent job! Thanks for a very handy, time-saving product! -- Ron D, Nov 5 2004

First up, great software, can't use safari without it. I'd like to have Sogudi sync between my computers like my Bookmarks do. I'd write a utility to do this myself (after all, it's just a case of comparing xml between the local plist and a copy you'd shove on the .mac webdav drive, removing the old entries and adding new ones to both) but the Sodudi plist doesn't contain timestamps for the bookmarks. Disaster! Any chance you can help with this? - Mark Fowler

You have created such an indispensable and engaging thingy. Excellent. Many thanks.

For future reference, when wanting to look up "a particular phrase" Sogudi tries to link to the URL as in http://%22a%20particular%20phrase%22/ whilst in default mode.

When using default mode with a single word or quoted phrase, you MUST put a space in front of your search phrase to trigger the default shortcut. Otherwise, the phrase is handed as is to Safari, resulting in the behavior mentioned above. -- KitzKikz

Excellent program, I use it constantly to find info on the php web site.

I wanted to give you an idea for an improvement to sogudi. Make it so that Sogudi watches out for searches which contain the word sogudi + asks if it should add them. This way if you want to add a site's search to sogudi you just use it to search for the word sogudi + your program takes care of the rest.
Thanks again.
Julian Fricker - 18-April-2005

p.s. you'd get more feedback if the instructions for using this where clearer. Seeing the whole page pop up in the edit box is a bit scary.

Great program! Could you add a perldoc (and perldocf) option that would work like the man option for perl documentation? That would really Rock. -- A, 11-May-2005

As a recent Windows convert, I have to say this is exactly what I was missing from Firefox. Yes, I'm aware Firefox exists for Mac, but it's a bit kludgy at the moment and I wanted to give Safari a whirl. Thanks!

OS X has some sort of global search buffer: if you do "Find" for a string in one application, that string becomes default for "Find" and "Find Again" in all Cocoa apps. Safari also updates that value, when you search through standard Google thingy. It would be neat to have similar functionality in Sogudi, i.e. on each substitution Sogudi would update the search value with substitution string.

It is a really great app! To your money problem I would recommend you setting up a more obvious "shortcut sharing community" and then placing ads. Will generate a little bit revenue at least. I noticed that placing Google Ads on project pages that only I use generates already up to 10 bucks a month, so this should pay for your web space.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try. I personally dislike websites that use up half the screen real estate with ads, so I intend to keep it as low key as possible. -- KitzKikz

I hope that you some time find a way to establish this feature also for post requests (I know that it is not directly possible, but there ought to be some way), because some search services still have post requests for their search fields. --ruben vocuspocus, 21 days till christmas

I've found that about 90% of the search sites I've come across that use POST requests accept GET requests as well. Many CGI, PHP, ASP, etc. scripts do not deal with the difference. Some even explicitly fold the two together. Reading through the source of such a search site's page and building an equivalent GET string from their form definitions is way beyond the scope of this website, however. -- KitzKikz

Something I noticed, when refreshing my computer: The Sogudi File is in Application Support. I don't know if that makes a problem, but it would be more logical if it was in Library/Safari with the Bookmarks and stuff. I know it makes practically no difference, it's just that I noticed it too late and lost my precious shortcuts. + the backup help in the apple documenation specifically explains the safari-backup procedure. you could easily just "sneak in" :-) thanks again for this app that i use more often than i open a new window in safari (NO, I did not actually count).--ruben vocuspocus, 2xvalentine's day

The process of backing up the Sogudi shortcuts have been on the SogudiFAQ page for a couple of years, but I should probably make it more obvious. The shortcuts file is in the Application Support folder because that is where it is supposed to go according to Apple's guidelines. Apple ignore's their own guidelines at will, but that doesn't mean I should. There are plenty of reasons why Sogudi should NOT sneak it's data into Safari's mess. -- KitzKikz

What a brilliant piece of thinking. Thank you. Tom. Also, is it possible to set up Shortcut to search through Google's Cache?

I love the man: protocol, it's excellent. But since all the sogudi search shortcuts don't use a colon, I often find myself mistyping, say, "man:glTexParameter" as "man glTexParameter". So I added an entry in the sogudi prefs for "man" as "man:@@@" and this makes it easy to use. I'd recommend folding it into the defaults... Thanks for a great plugin!

I was so glad to see you are working on a Leopard version of Sogudi that I immediately clicked on your Paypal link. :) I'm running Leopard on an Intel iMac and all my shortcuts work flawlessly. Thank you for making my life easier!! arwenwitch

It's amazing how dependent you get on the little tweaks such as Sogudi offers. Thanks tons for doing the development necessary for Sogudi to run on OS X 10.5. Oddjobboy November 2007

Excellent work - you finally let me escape from Firefoxs clutches. One wish I'd have is to match more than just the first '@@@' - there are a few keywords I use that have the string repeated in the URL. Dick Davies Jan 2008

A missing piece would be an importer/exporter to move things between the firefox location bar searches which use %s as parameter and Sogudi with its @@@. I'd love to see a way to import/export, say, a delimited text file with one sogudi or ff link per line. Otherwise, sogudi could be taught to read the html file that firefox exports and produce one itself. That would save users a lot of time. Thanks for a great utility. Jakob Apr 08



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