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Do you plan to charge for this program after the final release? If so, how much?


I always intended for Sogudi to be free.
  1. I felt it didn't make sense to charge for such a small addition to an already free web browser.
  2. Other browsers support these features, but I'm too cheap to purchase them. That's one reason I wrote Sogudi.
  3. Other reasons I wrote Sogudi were to learn:
    • How do Input Managers work?
    • How can I decipher the inner workings of a program?
    • How does the shareware & freeware model work?
    • etc.
  4. And finally, Sogudi could be a leader package to draw people to my other products (of which there are currently none).

What I've learned:

  1. Writing software for distribution takes a great deal more effort and time than I had anticipated.
  2. The user community can be very supportive, helpful, and appreciative, especially if they are getting what they want & for free.
  3. This same group of people can be quite nasty if the author so much as hints that he'd like his efforts to produce enough for the occasional sandwich.
  4. Sogudi has been downloaded almost 1600 times, is currently installed in over 900 separate computers, and I have received exactly $0.00 in donations (as 15-Nov-2003). At that rate, it doesn't pay for the web space it takes up.
  5. This project wasn't about money, but about fun, community interest, and a pretty neat idea.
  6. I'm not ready to make the jump into what a shareware project would require.

What I've decided:

  1. As long as Sogudi remains useful and fun for me, I will continue to develop it and it will remain free.
  2. As long as the users contribute in a positive manner to this site, I will be having fun, and Sogudi will stay free.
  3. As soon as people start demanding one thing or another and get nasty, I will either stop developing Sogudi or start charging for it. I really do have better things to do than listen to a group of freeloaders complain about the unfairness of the world.
  4. Apple has a tendency of taking good ideas that others have implemented and copying them into their own software (MultiFinder, Multi-Level Apple Menu, DropDrawers, LiteSwitchX, DragThing, ...) so this may become a pointless debate when some future version of Safari supports shortcuts.

If you are truly concerned about Sogudi remaining free and supported -- Donate! I guarantee that those that donate will always get upgrades of Sogudi free (please, no pennies). Those that have contributed to the language translations will get Sogudi free, also.

Kitzel Hoover, 15-Nov-2003

Let the flames begin here.

RE: Apple's tendency to "take" good ideas. LiteSwitchX itself was a copy of an idea that already existed on other platforms, but re-done with a pretty Mac OS X interface. Proteron has no monopoly on the idea, nor do they have a monopoly on the "look" of pretty Mac OS X apps (in fact, Apple are the ones who invented semi-transparent bezel windows, the ones who started using 128x128 icons etc). I could make similar comments on Konfabulator vs Dashboard. No theft there. Sherlock vs Watson. No theft there either. If you're in any doubt about either of these cases see the articules on And as far as Sogudi goes, it's a great idea; but there's plenty of prior art (from both Omni and the Mozilla camp, perhaps other browsers too that I haven't used yet), so if Apple rolls this kind of thing into Safari it won't be a case of "taking an idea", but of implementing a feature that is already standard in a lot of browsers.

On another note, I develop shareware, and I'm not surprised no one has paid you. In general, no matter how good/useful your app, you only get paid if you oblige people to do so. Sad but true.

Just to let you know, the major problem I have to donate to Sogudi and other projects which are really worth it, is Paypal. Credit card are not as common in Europe than in USA, and getting one if you're student, freelance, artist, etc. with modest or irregular incomes is close to impossible. In Europe, Paypal still doesn't allow us to found our paypal account with bank transfer, like we're in a 3rd world country or something. So, no credit card + no funding thru bank transfer= Paypal is useless = no donation. Going thru someone else account is sometimes a bit hard just to donate a few bucks.

I don't agree with the previous poster "you only get paid if you oblige people to do so". At least for me. If that was the case, I'd never pay for any soft as 99% of them are easily crackable and believe me or not, I paid for a lot of them. In fact, I'm happier to give money to a free project!

As another exemple, I make music for a leaving and people are buying my records even if they can find them for free. I'll maybe sell more of them if they weren't available for free but still, you rule is far from being 100% accurate.

About Sogudi remaining free or not, I sure hope it will, but i'll understand and respect your decision if you choose to make it shareware. What I really think is: Apple should pay you to implement it in Safari!

Thanks again for your work anyway.

Fred B., 9-Oct-2004

Does anyone have suggestions on what service to use besides Paypal for customers in Europe? -- KitzKikz

CREDIT CARD NOTE: I don't have a credit card, I have a check card. I used it to register with Paypal. A check or debit card works with Paypal, and a low income person can easily get one because there is no monthly fee or anything. It works just like writing a check or withdrawing money from your account. Check with your bank about such a money solution. You'll find it a nice idea for things other than Paypal, and it will let you use such services as well.

Anonymous, 5-Jan-2005

re credit cards and payments; at one point I checked out alot of options and Kagi may be a good way to go? has a lot of info on their way of selling. I didn't read it again today, but I think it handles International issues well, which was one of my issues as well. I think it might not handle large $ products; so if you wanted to allow unlimited donations, that might be an issue.

Thanks for having a wiki! I haven't downloaded sogudi yet, but it sounds cool! There are so many cool apps, as a sort-of newbie user, I have to say I've downloaded tons more things than I use. It's taking me a while to get it all straight what I can use when, how it affects my installs, etc. I've paid for a number of sharewares, such as Tex-EditPlus, that don't require it. Since I don't have a job right now I try to be sure I'll really use something, and that can take a while, before I pay.

Anne 10-May-2005



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