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Version 0.4.6.i386 - 06-JUN-2006

  • Recompiled to work with Intel based Macs.

Version 0.4.6 - 10-APR-2006

  • View man and apropos pages in Safari using "man:topic(section)" or "apropos:search"
  • Bug Fix: Sogudi would hang on some machines if a string of less than 11 characters was entered
  • Bug Fix: If no "default_search" shortcut defined, then does not display "Sogudi" in search field.
  • Bug Fix: Works with beta Safari versions 1.3 and 2.0
  • Bug Fix: Correctly encodes search words containing certain punctuation (plus, equal, ampersand, etc.)
  • Bug Fix: Adding a new shortcut and immediately removing it deleted the wrong shortcut. Fixed.
  • Added Finnish & Simplified Chinese localizations.

Version 0.4.5 - 21-OCT-2004

  • Faster.
    • More tightly integrated with Safari
    • Can keep up with speedy typists.
  • Smarter
    • A space in front invokes the "default" shortcut (back by popular demand).
    • If the shortcut begins with "javascript:" then joins terms with %20 instead of "+"
    • Passes parsing of "javascript:" urls to Safari.
  • Stronger
    • New special shortcut, "default_search". Takes over the Google search field.
    • Better version checker, uses a separate thread.
    • Different bundle loading format, will not load into non-Safari applications.
  • Better
    • Shows "Sogudi" in search field when active.
    • Repaired encoding on some translation files.
    • Added Dutch & Swedish localizations.

Version 0.4.4 - 02-OCT-2004

  • Bug fix: No longer logging URL in system console.
  • Added Italian, Danish, and French localizations.
  • More installer improvements (handles home paths containing spaces).
  • Moved menu item to Safari's application menu to conform to Apple HIG.
  • Better URL encoding of search terms.
  • Strips spaces from both ends of URL string (no more precede with space for default).
  • Single word shortcuts work (no space required after shortcut).
  • Quoted terms will be handled as a single term.

Version 0.4.3b - 15-NOV-2003

  • Improved installer. No longer needs authorization.
  • Added German & Spanish localizations.
  • Now supports multiple insertion points in URL.
  • Default shortcut ability added.

Version 0.4b - 07-NOV-2003

  • Sogudi edit window available to non-english Safari.
  • Added localization for international users.
  • Seeking volunteers to TranslateSogudi to different languages.
  • Cosmetic changes to the Sogudi window.
  • Better auto version checking.
  • Can disable auto version checking.

Version 0.3b - 04-NOV-2003

  • Fixed some window elements to anchor properly when resizing the window.
  • Saves window position and size.
  • Fixed a bug with auto version checking that kept it from checking automatically.

Version 0.2b - 03-NOV-2003

  • First Beta Release.
  • Added GUI editing of shortcuts.
  • Automatically/Manually check for updates.
  • About Box and Website buttons added.

Version 0.1a - 10-OCT-2003

  • Alpha Release.
  • Basic functionality.
  • Editing and adding shortcuts requires manually changing a plist file.

Future Thoughts

  • Customizable drop down menu under the Google search area, can change search sites.
  • Can load, share, upload, merge, switch shortcut files.



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