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TITLE: "Sogudi" appears in search box


A significant number of people consider this feature as "branding" and want it turned off.


My favorite quote: "Whining about what amounts to a watermark on a fine piece of freeware is like complaining that no dessert came with the free meal."

With the new year, I've reconsidered my position on this. The next version of Sogudi will only override the search box background label if the "default_search" shortcut is defined. I intend to release this version near 15-Jan-2005. It will be interesting to see how many people think Sogudi is broken after they upgrade, because the label will disappear.

OK, so I missed my proposed release date. Instead, Sogudi 0.4.6 was released 9-Apr-2005.





"Better -- Shows 'Sogudi' in search field when active." Not sure how this is "better", cant we have "Search" ? I'd rather have a shareware nag than have Safari branded "Sogudi". Nice feature but intrusive. I am sticking at the lower release version ( and putting up with the upgrade nag windows instead ... ) Otherwise, brilliant idea and so helpful

I don't like branding either BUT: this feature IS GREAT! Give it a second look: I really don't like the fact, that apple is forcing me to search in only with this field. Not everybody lives in the USA! Now, new with Sogudi you can finally define YOUR OWN FAVORITE searchengine ( I use simply instead of, since I'm from Switzerland)

Look at this from the Sogudi Infopage:

NEW! If a shortcut named "default_search" exists, then terms entered into Safari's search field will be routed through the shortcut instead of going into a Google search.

it definitely is great!!

Oh no! You'll uninstall the software he provided free of charge?! NOOOO!

Anyhow, maybe I'm missing it, but where is the default set? Is this a Sogudi setting, or an OS X setting?

I don't like Sogudi string at Google Search window too. I'd like to remove it if it's possible. If it's impossible, I'll uninstall this software.


can you tell me how to customise Sogudi to remove the branding label you have placed in the Google Search window?

Personally, I hate forced branding where I have no choice to accept or remove it.

It irritated me that Google got to brand Safari - I hope Uncle Stevie got a nice Dollar out of that cross-branding - and I am sorry but, however wonderful Sogudi is, I dont want it to brand Safari either.

You seem to have an either/or equation here. Branding off/Sogudi off.

One of the nice things about Apple is that it has a minimum of branding anywhere.

An impartial " Search " - which will fit - would be preferable and worth a shareware donation alone.



Ā«Takes over the Google search fieldĀ» .... Could you make that optional? -- "Maunel Blanc, 29-Nov-2004"



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