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TITLE: "dict searchquery" always loads


(Thanks for answering the first post, but obviously I was too unclear about what I meant, so here goes again, in a clarified version)

The shortcut "dict searchquery" always loads the page, regardless of a changed address in the Sogudi panel or even the deletion of the shortcut.


Well, I just finished testing this on three different combinations of OS and Safari, and it works just fine whenever I change the shortcut. Is this the same on other shortcuts or only the dict? Can you create new shortcuts that work? What cpu (PPC/Intel), OS, and Safari Version are you using?

Off the top of my head, the only thing I could think of would be a corrupted shortcuts file. If Sogudi can't read the shortcuts file, it reverts to the defaults.

Try renaming the file at: ~/Library/Application Support/SogudiShortcuts.plist and restart Safari. Sogudi should create a new one that works correctly.


Thanks for your response. I tried renaming the .plist in order to force Sogudi to write a new one, but the behavior stays the same.

Other custom shortcuts work fine, it's really just the "dict query" shortcut that won't work.

I'm using Safari 2.0.4 (419.3) (with SafariPlus 1.5.1 and Saft 8.3.12 (459)) on OS 10.4.10 (Intel).


Saft has shortcuts, too. One of them happens to be "dict". Edit the shortcut in Saft or turn that feature of Saft off to allow Sogudi to handle the shortcuts.

My mistake, thank you for your help!

STATUS: CLOSED 23-Jul-2007



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