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Development on Sogudi 0.5 was going very well. In fact, I was ready to publish it when a new version of Safari was released. This new Safari included some very significant code changes, breaking Sogudi 0.5.

So, I went back and rewrote Sogudi 0.5 to work with the new Safari. I now had two Sogudi development paths, both had the 0.5 improvements, but one worked with older Safari while the other worked with the new Safari. I was about to publish both ... when another new version of Safari was released (along with a new OS X).

You guessed it. I had to write yet another Sogudi 0.5 to work with the new Safari. I had three Sogudi 0.5 branches with no convenient way of testing, publishing, or keeping it all straight.

There have since been two more releases of Safari. Each changing in a siginificant way the code that Sogudi depended upon. I couldn't keep up. I now understand why software developers decide to stop writing code for older operating systems.

I decided to give up, for now, on getting Sogudi 0.5 to work. I can't seem to keep up with the developer of Safari (and now I hear rumors of Safari 1.3 ...)

Instead, I've gone back to the code for Sogudi 0.43, which works with all versions of Safari to date. I'm making some bug fixes and minor enhancements. It isn't what I had envisioned for a 0.5 release, but it will provide what many have been waiting for.

I will release Sogudi 0.44 tomorrow.

I will continue developing Sogudi, but with a new eye toward keeping it less dependent on Safari's development. Most of the new features I had added to 0.5 will gradually make it into the 0.4x path, but some will have to wait until Safari's development slows.

Kitzel Hoover, 02-Oct-2004



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