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Sogudi is currently available in the following languages:

  • English (Kitzel Hoover)
  • German (David Andel, Marc Widmer, Helmut Reininger)
  • Spanish (Miquel Angel Friginal)
  • Danish (Jens Peter Lieberkind)
  • French (Guillaume Bisch)
  • Italian (Alexander Voelz)
  • Swedish (Johan Grönwall)
  • Dutch (Paul Bánsági)
  • Finnish (Samuli Gröhn)
  • Simplified Chinese (Wen Zhang)

The following translations have been received and will be in a future release of Sogudi:

  • No new translations received, yet.

If you are willing to help translate Sogudi to a different language:

  1. Download the Localizable.strings file.

    This file is in the format:
    /* A comment */
    "Yes" = "Oui";
    "The same text in English" = "Le même texte en français";

  2. Edit it with a text editor for the language you wish by replacing the right side strings.
    Note that some strings will contain characters like %@.
    These are substitution codes, so you will need to be careful with them.

    For example:
    "Windows must have at least %d columns and %d rows." =
    "Les fenêtres doivent être composes de %d colonnes et %d lignes au minimum.";
    "File %@ not found." = "Le fichier %@ n'existe pas.";

  3. Email the new file to sogudi»kitzkikz

More information about localization can be found at Apple Localization.
Information about date string format can be found at Apple Date Formatter



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