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Peach Wine from Wonder Wine Kit

Major Ingredient: Peach powder from the kit
Expected Quantity: 1 gallon

DateTemperatureSpecific GravityNotes

Beginning (21-Oct-2005)  

I'm using the instructions for making the peach wine in two 2-litre pop bottles. Dissolved sugar and the contents of the "wine ingredient" pouch into 2 quarts hot water. Split this solution up equally into two emptied and sanitized 2-litre pop bottles. Topped off both bottles with cold water. Split the contents of the yeast pouch between the two bottles and covered each with a piece of plastic held in place with a rubber band. Took measurements.

The plastic and rubberband is a poor mans version of an airlock. Normally I would use an actual airlock (they just make me feel better), but I don't have stoppers small enough to fit in these bottles.

The liquid looks terribly thin. Whatever wine this produces must be near to clear and tasteless. I guess we'll see.

Day Two (23-Oct-2005)  

Yesterday large bubbles formed on the surface of the liquid, in the same five dot pattern that matches the shape of the bottoms of the bottle. These large bubbles went away and now small bubbles are breaking the surface at a steady rate. Fermentation has started.

Day Ten (31-Oct-2005)  

Fermentation continues. Took readings and a little sip. Strong taste and aroma of peach with a slight alcohol ting.

Day Forty-Seven (7-Dec-2005)  

Fermentation has been done for quite some time. Took readings. Added clearant packet to wine. Should be clear in seven days.


Home Wine Making Kit
Homemade Winecrafts Ltd.
1153 Pioneer Road, Unit E
Burlington, Ontario
L7M 1K5
(877) 251-4421

This kit includes:
- Packet of Fruit Ingredient

- Packet of Yeast

- Packet of Wine Clearant

- 11x17 Instruction Sheet

Cost: $4



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