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This is a wine kit that claims to take only 7 days. I had to special order and ship it from the UK (

"BelVino wine kits are based on dried fruit, herbs, and berries. Fermentation and clearing are both extremely fast - your wine will be ready to drink in only 7 days. All BelVino wine kits are very easy to make and you only need to add sugar and water."

Kit Name: BelVino Australian Red (
Major Ingredients: Dried sloe, elderberries, raisins, oak chips, gooseberries, figs, hibiscus flowers
Expected Quantity: 6 gallons
Actual Quantity: 24 bottles

DateTemperatureSpecific GravityTitratable AcidNotes

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BelVino Instructions



Beginning (27-Nov-2005):   Mixed ingredients following the kit instructions.

Day Two (29-Nov-2005):   Took measurements, stirred, and covered.

Day Five (2-Dec-2005):   Took measurements, stirred, and covered.

Day Six (3-Dec-2005):   Put an airlock on the fermentor so I can more easily see if the batch has finished fermentation ... it hasn't.

Day Seven (4-Dec-2005):   Still fermenting. So much for their claim to a seven day wine kit. I'm still hoping this will be done early enough to be given as Christmas gifts.

Day Nine (6-Dec-2005):   Took measurements. It is still fermenting, but very very slowly. I racked the wine into a 5-gallon better-bottle carboy and capped with a dry air lock. I only got a 375 ml bottle of extra for later topping off, if needed. I put this extra under an air lock as well. I'm going to let the wine sit for another 24 hours before adding the stabilizer. The wine tastes pretty good right now.

Day Ten (7-Dec-2005):   Added stabilizer packet. Stirred. Capped under dry air lock.

Day Eleven (8-Dec-2005):   Added clearant packet A. Stirred. Capped.

Day Twelve (9-Dec-2005):   Added clearant packet B. Stirred. Capped.

Day Fourteen (11-Dec-2005):   Bottled (24). Will let sit upright for three days before labelling and adding PVC shrink caps.



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