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If your question is not answered here, try SogudiIssues or SogudiFAQold.

Q: Why the name Sogudi?
A: "So far, so good." --> "So far-ee, so good-ee" --> Safari Sogudi.

Q: Would it be possible to have Sogudi work with <some other browser>? I really miss Sogudi now that I've moved over to a different browser.
A: No. I created Sogudi specifically because Safari didn't have that functionality. Most other browsers do, including OmniWeb, FireFox, Camino, etc. As far as I know, the ONLY two popular browsers that don't have shortcuts built in are Safari and IE, and I refuse to do anything with IE.

Q: Is there a way to change the way Sogudi displays the man pages (i.e. set a smaller font size)?
A: Yes, see SogudiPowerCustomize.

Q: Is there a way to have Sogudi use different MANPATH settings (for example, if one has X11 or fink installed)?
A: Sogudi inherits the environment variables from Safari, which gets it's environment variables from OSX (not the shell environment you set up in terminal). But, it is still possible to edit a MANPATH setting for OSX -> Safari -> Sogudi. See SogudiPowerCustomize.

Q: Is there a keystroke shortcut in Safari that moves the cursor to the Sogudi search field? When Sogudi used to be in the URL, Command-L worked, but now that it's replaced the google search...

A: Command-Option-F moves the cursor to the Sogudi search field in Safari.

Q: I'm also using Pith. (It keeps a floating window with Safari's window titles for quick reference and access - I like it much better than tabs!). The Sogudi Prefs shortcut <command><shift>, actually opens Pith's Preferences for me.
A: This is a problem with Pith. It "steals" this key combination, regardless of who else might be trying to use it. To be honest, Sogudi does too, but Pith wins because it is a separate application that steals the key combo after Safari (and Sogudi) has completed loading. The Sogudi window is still available, you just can't get to it by the key combo. Also, Pith hasn't been in development since February 2003 and the author admits that there is no further development plans, so I'm not going to worry too much about making Sogudi compatible with Pith. Having said that, it would probably be a good idea for me to make Sogudi's key combo a changeable option.

Q: Why does Sogudi 0.4.5 replace the "Google" with "Sogudi" in the search field.
A: Because I wanted it to. I want to be able to see when Sogudi is on and installed and when it isn't. I'm sorry if this throws off the delicate aesthetic sensibilities of some people, but I like it, so it stays. I had a change of heart, see SogudiIssues_20050101
A2: In Sogudi 0.4.6, the search field text is only changed to "Sogudi" if you have a "default_search" shortcut defined.

Q: Why does Sogudi interfere with AcidSearch and SafariKeywords?
A: Because all three plugins are trying to do essentially the same things and most likely use the same hooks into Safari. It's not surprising that they won't play well together.
On another note, about AcidSearch: I didn't know this was out there. It must have been developed well after Sogudi was begun. Some of it's features come close my original vision for Sogudi from over a year ago, but not quite. Now I must decide, should I back out some of the recent changes to Sogudi and leave that area for AcidSearch, or should I continue on without remorse?

Q: I don't understand this "@@@" thing. What does "Put @@@ into the Destination URL where you wish substitution to take place" mean?

A: An example may help:

Let's say you do a search on google for the green goblin. This produces the following URL:

Now, I want to make a shortcut "goo" that will allow me to search for anything on Google:
shortcut = goo
destination URL =

Notice that I put the "@@@" where the search terms should go.

So, when I type "goo garfield cat", Sogudi takes the words "garfield cat", and substitutes them into the URL in place of the @@@. Giving us:

Q: I lost, misplaced, or messed up the Sogudi window. How can I get it back?
A: Using a text editor:

  1. Edit the Safari's preferences file at "~/Library/Preferences/"
  2. Remove the lines:
    <key>NSWindow Frame SogudiShortcuts</key>
    <string> some numbers are here </string>
  3. Save the edited file, and the Sogudi window will revert to it's factory location.

Q: I messed up my shortcuts, how can I go back to the default settings?
A: Delete the file "~/Library/Application Support/SogudiShortcuts.plist". Sogudi will then reload the factory set of shortcuts.

Q: If I upgrade OS X versions, will I lose Sogudi or my shortcuts?
A: Maybe, it depends on the upgrade version, method you use, phase of the moon, and if you keep your fingers crossed. To be safe:

  1. Before upgrading, backup the SogudiShortcuts.plist file inside the "~/Library/Application Support" folder.
  2. After the upgrade, reinstall Sogudi and put your backup shortcuts file back.

Q: Do you plan to charge for this program after the final release? If so, how much?
A: No plans to charge at this time. This will likely start a debate. At least it seems to everywhere else. So, here is the link: SogudiFreeOrNot

Q: Is there anything like this for Windows?
A: Yeah. Dave's Quick Search Toolbar and there are some cool tricks that it does that Sogudi might do someday, including currency conversion ...

Note: Most of the things that Dave's Quick Search Toolbar does can be accomplished using Sogudi shortcuts. Currency Conversions, Mathematical Expressions, People Lookup, etc. can all be done with Google now. There are examples of weather, stock quotes, reverse phone lookups, etc. on the SogudiTips page. -- KitzKikz

Q: You state on the SogudiFreeOrNot page that Sogudi has been installed on 900 separate computers. Does it phone home?
A: When Sogudi checks the central server for a newer version, the http server registers this as a hit and logs the typical information (ip address, client OS, etc.). This is the same log file all web servers use to track statistics. I counted unique ip addresses to get the count above, which is not an entirely accurate count of individual users. I imagine it is quite a lot higher now, though.

Q: Would it be possible to have Sogudi work with OmniWeb? I really miss Sogudi now that I've moved over to this excellent browser.
A: OmniWeb already has this functionality, it is where I got the idea for creating Sogudi. I didn't feel that the rest of OmniWeb was worth paying for, so I decided to add the one feature I really wanted to Safari. I've since learned that this "shortcuts" idea has been around in several browsers for a long time. But, OmniWeb was the first place I saw it, so kudo's to them.

Q: How do I create a shortcut for sites that require queries be submitted using POST rather than GET?
A: I'm not sure, but take a look at the frmget bookmarklet at http://

Q: Why does a mouse over on the Google search box read "type a word of phrase" and not "type a word or phrase"?
A: As has been reported elsewhere, this is a bug in some versions of Safari, not Sogudi.

Q: Would it be possible to also add shortcuts to existing Safari Bookmarks?
A: It is not possible to save or bookmark a shortcut and search phrase, but you can bookmark the resulting URL, which is essentially the same thing.



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