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My sister has a blog (
I'm using this page, OpenID, and to sign my comments.
-- KitzKikz

Why I Did This

I like leaving annoying, big brother type, comments on my sister's blog. It keeps me connected :-)

However, her blog software only allows comments from anonymous users, other LiveJournal members, or OpenID. I grew tired of posting everything as anonymous (anybody could leave a comment and claim to be me) and I didn't want to join LiveJournal (I have this wiki and don't want multiple outlets to manage).

She also uses aliases for everyone she references, which I think is cool. So I didn't want to start leaving my true name all over her blog.

After doing a little reading, I found that OpenID could accomodate both desires.

How I Did This

First I went to and created a new account. This literally took seconds. I used my real name there because I may need to use my OpenID for something serious, but if I used it on comments to my sister's blog, my real name would show on her blog. So, I needed to find a way to alias it.

Second, since I own this site, I could use a page here to represent an alias of my ID and redirect any OpenID systems to my real account. I did this by posting the following in the header of this page:

        <link rel="openid.server" href="">
        <link rel="openid.delegate" href="">

I found the above on the OpenID site, the MyOpenID site, and several other places -- usually under the heading of "Using your own URL" or something similar.

Now I can use as my signature on her blog, but still have a serious ID if I need it on some other site. All this without creating multiple ID accounts, which would have really defeated the whole purpose of the OpenID concept.

Favorite Quotes from my Sister's blog

  • "so fast-growing it almost lunges for your eyes" -- 31-Dec-2007 -- I resolve to use this in normal conversation at least twice in 2008.
    • 1st use on 04-Jul-2008.



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