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TITLE: Wikipedia


Some comments about Wikipedia were left on the SogudiFeedback page...

Minor problem: English-language Wikipedia recently updated its software so that the plus signs between terms no longer get converted to underscores. It would be nice to be able to optionally specify a separator character with each Sogudi shortcut, to use instead of the plus sign.


Oh and something I noticed: It would be really great if spaces for Wikipedia Requests weren't processed as "+" but as "_" so that one doesn't have to change that when searching.-


As of Monday, 20-Feb-2006, 11:50 a.m. CST, Wikipedia was correctly converting search phrases containing pluses into underscores. I tried multiple search phrases, including those that lead directly to a wiki page and those that don't. Wikipedia acted as expected. I used the 'wikip' shortcut that comes with a factory install of Sogudi.


None needed.

CLARIFICATION: +->_ not for "" Yeah, the link you use works. I use one that is slightly faster, that doesn't take the long way over the search engine. It is quite handy when you know the article name and Wikipedia is having a slow day. I don't think that you need to solve this though, because one can just use underscores instead of spaces when he thinks this link is so much better. hope it's ok to edit in here too.


There are other problems with the default wikip shortcut, which would be solved by allowing spaces or underscores as term separators:

  • When there are zero search results, Wikipedia displays the search page instead of a "Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name" page -- requiring two more steps for an editor to start editing (while the other way, one can start the article or search for the title term with one click).
  • More seriously, with the default wikip shortcut, all colons are converted to literal "%3A", so that it can only be used to jump to pages in the main namespace. Sogudi cannot be used to jump to Wikipedia user pages, Wikipedia documentation, the manual of style, templates, or pages any other namespace. -- Michael Z. 2006-05-07.
  • Title characters which are not plain ASCII are converted to percent-escapes, breaking Wikipedia's search.

STATUS: CLOSED 20-Feb-2006



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