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  • Make any of these changes at your own risk.
  • These are unsupported and some, if handled incorrectly, could cause additional problems to your system.
  • These require a knowledge of perl, unix, and/or html programming.

Man Page Rendering

You can change the places man uses to search for man pages (MANPATH):

  1. Read

You can customize the way man pages are displayed by Sogudi:

  1. Sogudi uses man2html to render the pages.
  2. Requires a knowledge of perl, unix, and html programming.
  3. Modify ~/Library/InputManagers/Sogudi/Sogudi.bundle/Contents/Plugins/SogudiInside.bundle/Contents/Resources/man2html
  4. Installing or Upgrading Sogudi will overwrite this file with the pre-packaged version, so backup your changes.

Man Page Rendering OFF/ON

You can turn off/on the interception of the "man:" protocol by Sogudi:
  1. Quit Safari
  2. Open a terminal window
  3. Make a change to Safari's user defaults settings:
    • OFF: defaults write SogudiInterceptMan NO
    • ON: defaults write SogudiInterceptMan YES
  4. Open Safari.



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