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A WikiWord is made up of two or more concatenated words with uppercase letters (this is often also referred to as CamelCase or BumpyText). If you write a word this way into a page of the WikiWikiWeb, you will automatically create a HyperLink.

For example, these are valid WikiWords:

  • RunCapitalizedWordsTogether
  • EditThisPage
  • ThisIsAWikiWordAsWell

while these are not:

  • IBM
  • somewordswithoutuppercaseletters
  • 123456789

See WikiMarkup for other ways to create HyperLinks inside WikiWikiWeb pages.

Inventing nice and intuitive WikiWords can sometimes be a challenge and may also result in humorous links. See GoodStyle for some rules about WikiWords.

See also: WikiMarkup, GoodStyle, CreatePages, HyperLink



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