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Table of Contents

  1. Paragraphs
  2. Headlines
  3. Text Style
  4. Lists
  5. Hyperlinks
  6. Pictures / Images
  7. Horizontal Separators
  8. Additonal References


  • Separate text into paragraphs with blank lines
  • Force a line break using three percent signs %%%
  • Indent text by beginning a line with spaces or tabs


  • use an exclamation mark ! at the beginning of a line to create a small headline
  • !! for medium headlines
  • !!! for large headlines

Text Style  

  • Emphasized or Italic : Surround the text with two single quotes on each end ( ' ' ).
  • Bold: Surround the text with two underscores (__) or two asterisks (**) on each end.
  • Bigger: Surround with double hash marks (##)
  • Smaller: Surround with double mu marks (µµ) - Option-M on a Mac
  • typewriter-like font: Surround with double equal signs (==)


  • Start a line with an asterisk * to begin a list
    • Two asterisks will indent the list further
      • Three asterisks even more.

  1. Use # instead for numbered lists
    1. These can have additional levels, too.
    2. You can mix asterisks and hash marks.
  2. However subsequent list points should start
    with the same mix of * and #


  • You can prevent a bad WikiWord being formed or show a plural form with square brackets:

  • Valid internet addresses beginning with 'http://', 'file://', 'ftp://' ... will be made into a hyperlink automatically (like

  • To give a nicer title to a hyperlink
    1. Surround with square brackets and separate with the pipe character ( | )
      • [Taekwondo |]
      • Taekwondo
    2. Surround with square brackets and use quotes around the title
    3. WikiWords can be given a different name the same way

  • To prevent a WikiLikeWord, http://type.address, or anything inside [square brackets] from becoming a hyperlink, then prepend with an exclamation mark or a tilde:
    • !NoHyperLink, ~NoHyperLink
    • ![no hyperlink], !


  • Include an image into a page by enclosing its absolute web address in square brackets: []
  • The referenced file name must end with one of: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif
  • To provide a link to an image, without showing the image, omit the square brackets:

Horizontal Separators  

  • Use four or more dashes alone on a line to create a horizontal line (----).

See also:  

  • ExtendedWikiMarkup - More advanced rules.
  • GoodStyle - Guidelines for writing Wiki pages.
  • SandBox - A place to practice using these markups.
  • Source of Any Page - Click the EditThisPage link near the bottom of any page.



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