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TITLE: Shortcuts don't work in Safari's search box.


Typing shortcuts into Safari's search box do not cause Sogudi to work.


Sogudi's shortcuts only work in the address box (sometimes called the location box). It was never designed for shortcuts to work in the search box. However, you can define a single shortcut named "default_search" to make the search box use something other than Google.

STATUS: CLOSED 11-Jan-2005




I've just installed Sogudi 0.4.5 for the first time on Safari 1.2.4 (v125.12) with OS X 10.3.7. The background text of the search box now properly reads "Sogudi", and the shortcuts are enabled in the Sogudi preferences, but shortcuts don't actually work. No matter what I type, everything gets passed to Google. Am I missing something here?

Safari's search box will continue using Google until you define a "default_search" shortcut to be used instead. -- KitzKikz

Thank you for the quick feedback. Unfortunately, this didn't fix the problem. Am I missing some critical step? I installed Sogudi and let it restart Safari. It now displays "Sogudi" in the search box. I created the default_search to point to Google. But all searches still go to Google, despite my settings. None of the packaged shortcuts work, and neither does the custom one I created for ("c term") or Clusty's index of Wikipedia ("en term") - which I strongly recommend that you check out anyway.

Is there any other way to verify if Sogudi is, in fact, capturing my commands at all?

I've verified that Sogudi works fine with OSX 10.3.7 and Safari 1.2.4 (v125.12). Please email me directly at sogudi»kitzkikz so I can help you out more directly. -- KitzKikz

<4-letter word deleted>. I misunderstood what Sogudi hooked... I thought I was supposed to type all of my shortcuts into the search box, not the address box. Works fine now. :) Thanks for the assistance anyway.



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