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"Wow, it only happens occasionally that one encounters such useful programs! Thanks a lot for Sogudi, it really has become one of the most used utilities on my Mac." (More)

12-Mar-2004: It seems the reported problems with Safari 1.2 were mistakes. The person(s) reinstalled Sogudi and all is now well. I've been using Sogudi 0.43, Safari 1.2, and Mac OS 10.3.2 together for several weeks without any troubles. For those of you waiting breathlessly for Sogudi 0.5, please have a little more patience. I have a full time IT job that takes precedence. However, I'm hoping to get something out to beta-testers this weekend.


Configure your own shortcuts to search or visit your favorite sites using just a few simple keystrokes in Safari. Sogudi comes with several shortcuts included that allow you to search sites without waiting for their home pages to load, saving you time and effort.

NEW! You can now type search terms into the address bar just like you can in the Google Search field from Apple. The difference is that Sogudi allows you to change the search engine you use. See the Default Shortcut topic below.

Example: Just type 'vt' followed by your search term(s) into the Location bar and hit return. Sogudi translates your text into a fully qualified URL and the VersionTracker search comences.

Many more helpful shortcuts are included; you can modify these and easily create your own. Type 'mu' to search MacUpdate, 'dict' to search, 'mov' for the Internet Movie Database, etc. If you leave off the shortcut, Sogudi will send all the words to its default shortcut instead.

New in version 0.4.3

  • Improved installer. No longer needs authorization.
  • Added German & Spanish localizations.
  • Now supports multiple insertion points in URL.
  • Default shortcut ability added.


  • Tested on Max OS X 10.3 and Safari 1.0 (v100)
  • Created and tested on Mac OS X 10.2.6, and Safari 1.0 (v85)
  • Add your TestCase.



Included with Sogudi:
azAnother Amazon Search
defaultA Default Shortcut
hintMac OS X Hints
imgGoogle Images
movInternet Movie Database
sfSource Forge

View more shortcuts here.




  • Installing
    1. Quit Safari if it is running.
    2. Mount the Sogudi disk image by double clicking on it.
    3. Double click on the Sogudi Installer icon and follow the instructions. The installer will overwrite any prior Sogudi installation if you are upgrading from an earlier version.
    4. Open Safari.
    5. Check for the "Sogudi..." menu item in the "Edit" menu.

  • Operating
    1. Type a shortcut where you would normally type a web address.
    2. Follow the shortcut with a space (to turn off Safari's url selection list).
    3. Type any words you wish to be substituted into the final string separated by spaces.
    4. Press ENTER or RETURN to activate.

For example:
You type:hint terminal color
Sogudi does the following:
1. Loads:http//
2. Substitutes:"terminal" & "color" for the @@@
3. Sends to Browser:http//

  • Default Shortcut
    • If the first word typed into the location field is not a known shortcut, Sogudi will look for a shortcut named "default" and pass all the words to it.
    • The default shortcut can be activated explicitly by preceding the phrase with a space.

  • Customizing
    1. Choose "Sogudi..." from the "Edit" menu while in Safari.
    2. You may then Add, Edit, or Remove shortcuts. You can also disable or enable Sogudi.

  • Uninstalling
    1. Remove the "Sogudi" folder from "~/Library/InputManagers".
    2. Remove, if it exists, the "SogudiShortcuts.plist" file from "~/Library/Application Support/"

Questions / Help / Hints


  • This software is in the beta test stage. There is no warranty and no guarantee. I've been using it on my own computer for some time with no ill effects. Although I don't believe it will harm anyone's system, I certainly can't guarantee it. The user assumes all risks in using this software.

  • I first came across shortcuts while looking at OmniWeb and decided that Apple's Safari needed them, too.

  • This software is Freeware.
    It costs nothing.

Contact : sogudi»atamadison



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