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TITLE: Incompatible with Safari 2.0/Tiger


Testing Sogudi on Safari 2.0 (Version 2.0 (412)) under OSX v10.4 (Build 8A425) Sogudi works only partially. Some combination of launching the Sogudi shortcuts editor and tying the shortcuts into the Safari 2.0 URL resulted in a few successful searches, but I haven't been able to find the exact procedure to duplicate this success. Even when successful, the success is only temporary.


Sogudi 0.4.6 (unreleased) should work with Tiger & Safari 2.0. This has only been tested minimally, since the author does not possess this configuration to test on. Please contact the author directly at sogudi»kitzkikz for a pre-release of Sogudi 0.4.6 to test on your setup.

The original poster has received the pre-release and tested it on their system: it works.




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