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TITLE: SIMBL incompatibility?


Sogudi does not seem to be compatible with SIMBL 0.5. I had SIMBL 0.5 running with the following modules in my user Library folder:

  • Taboo.bundle
  • AcidSearch.bundle
  • SafariSource.bundle

Once I installed Sogudi, Safari would crash when loaded. I removed all three of the above bundles (I put them on the desktop) and Safari would still crash. I removed the SIMBL folder from the InputManagers folder, and then Safari would start up fine with Sogudi running. Reinstalling the SIMBL folder into the InputManagers folder (while *not* reinstalling the modules) and restarting Safari would cause a consistent crash. If it would help you, I can send you the crash report from one of these crashes. Email me at spamosonic»yahoo

I know that AcidSearch is incompatible with Sogudi, but I removed it, so I know that's not the problem. I really think the problem is with SIMBL. I really hope you're able to fix this, because I've only used Sogudi for a few minutes and I LOVE it (much better for me than AcidSearch!), but I need those other two SIMBL modules (SafariSource colorizes the source code window, and Taboo displays an alert when you try to quit or close a window with multiple tabs). Thanks for Sogudi!


I'm sorry!! I had a copy of AcidSearch in /Library that I didn't know about. That must be what was causing the problem. I reinstalled SIMBL, Taboo, and SafariSource, and now they and Sogudi all play nicely together. Sorry for the false alarm!!!

At one time Sogudi, AcidSearch, and other SIMBL modules worked well together. It's been some time since I tested them, though. I'm really surprised to hear that AcidSearch is the trouble. What version of each of these modules are you using? I would also need to know what version of OS X, Safari, and Sogudi you are using. -- KitzKikz

No further contact from user. Closing this issue.




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